Secondary School Allschwil

Selective competition for a secondary school, Allschwil, 2022
Weyell Zipse Architekten and August + Margrith Künzel Landschaftsarchitekten

The first kiss

Who doesn’t remember well their school time – when summer vacations seemed endless, friendships meant the world, and many a course was set for life. The age in SEK I is a particularly formative one. So in addition to the core mission of education and pedagogy, schools are also spatial identity bearers of youthful memories that stay with us for a lifetime. Historic school buildings see entire generations of families come and go, imprinting themselves on the collective memory of a place and its inhabitants. This project aims to build on the qualities of the existing school facility, and transition its identity into a new era. Less than a preservation of historical monuments, a concise and at the same time cautious intervention in the existing development will be carried out, which, in addition to technical renovations, will ultimately result in a complete reorganization of the ensemble. The area will be completed with a new counterpart to the main school building “Breite”: A 5-story new building with the same footprint and similar ground plan structure, a brother in spirit, will complete the school complex in the future.