New Main Entrance Court Bäumleingasse

Invited Competition, Basel, 2021


“For this is the secret of the city: that many wanted something different and that they created something uniform. Even with divergent wills of the individuals, the technical, social and economic conditions resulted in a basic measure, on the basis of which the variety forms precisely the instrumentation. In contrast, after the disappearance of this common basis, our streets look boring where they are uniform, chaotic where they are individually built.

Therefore, the preservation of the old town character is not a style or adaptation problem, but a question of use. […] You can only preserve an old town by preserving the life in it. […] It is preserved and maintained only through use, and use lasts only as long as we create conditions that are appropriate for it. This requires measures in terms of building law and traffic, and in the extreme case, financial policy. A careful study of the situation and a bold design must show the old town the way of historical existence between conservation and extinction.”

Lucius Burckhardt, „Die Kunst, Erbe zu sein“, Das Werk: Architektur und Kunst, Band 48 (1961)