Swiss Art Awards 2021 – May I have this dance?

Proposal for an architectural intervention in the Fair Hall 3, Basel

An approximately 35m long and 9m wide plane is hung between the galleries of the hall. As an abstract form, it hovers narrow above ground. Its softness stands in contrast to the architecture of the hall. Depending on the perspective, it alters its appearance: Seen from the side, almost dematerialized to a line. From above, to a round bodied belt. Below, to a guarding roof. The function of the intervention stays open. It invites to an experience of body, object and space: Touching, passing, sitting, laying on, or simply observing. Interactions are being evoked: As a podium for a discussion, a stage for a performance, a slide for the playful, a screen for projections, a floating lawn, a shelter. In pristine condition, the plane is pure tectonic and exact image of the moment diagram. Self-contained and archaic. But the appearance is deceptive, because even the slightest touch is followed by a resonance. The fabric deforms, begins to vibrate, it asks for a dance. An oscillating play of forces begins, which can be continuously carried forward and overlaid by the visitors. In reference to the central circular courtyard of the neighboring Mustermesse by Hans Hoffmann from 1953, the intervention creates a new spatial order in the directionless Hall 3. A temporary center and social place, that provokes new readings of the exhibition space without being restrictive. A space for possibilities.