Kunstmuseum Olten

2. Ankauf / 5. Rank
Selective Competition, Olten, 2021
Weyell Zipse Architekten with Truwant + Rodet + and August + Margrith Künzel Landschaftsarchitekten


With the relocation of the current Kunstmuseum Olten to the neighboring school building and the planned extension on the Platz der Begegnung, conflicts of objectives seem pre-programmed: Can anything close to the generous and inviting quality of the current museum – with its fully glazed front facing Kirchgasse – be achieved again? How will the barrier-free access from Kirchgasse be designed without appearing as a technically necessary, additive object? How are the interests of historic preservation compatible with a significant extension on the courtyard side? Is it really an added value to reduce the outdoor space of the Platz der Begegnung in favor of more exhibition space? Aren’t the trees that would have to be removed for such an extension also part of the grown city that should be preserved? Shouldn’t we try to build as little as possible instead of aiming for maximum utilization in order to lead a sustainable and responsible use of resources?