Haus P

Residential building in Stralsund
Completed 2016-2021

Architecture: Weyell Zipse Architekten
Tender and Execution Phase: Weyell Zipse Architekten with Hörner Architekten
Photography: Simon Menges

A house for a couple, surrounded by tall trees, situated on the coast line of the city of Stralsund at the baltic sea. Three high spaces form the structure of the house and articulate the plan. In opposition to a modernist understanding of different functions with specific room sizes, the three main spaces are equal in dimension and hierarchy, and oriented towards west, south and east. In between the main spaces, the bedrooms, bathrooms and additional spaces are to be found. A hidden circular staircase leads up a tower room, which allows a view towards the sea and access to a roof terrace. The building is clad in brick – a local material, that together with the shape of the building creates an ambiguity in perception. The large scale openings emphasize this ambiguity and give the building a somewhat uncommon but familiar expression at the same time.