Elderly housing Espenhof West

1st Prize
Selective Competition, Zurich, 2020
Realization 2021-2025
Weyell Zipse Architekten, in collaboration with Hörner Architekten


Happiness in old age

From which age is one actually “old”? Medical progress and increasing prosperity result in a continuous increase of the average age in western developed economies. This leads also to a shift in perception about the meaning of age. The retirement age of 65 years surely had a different connotation at the time of introduction of the Swiss pension system AHV in 1948. Nowadays, one might expect that, being blessed with average health, up to a third of one`s lifetime is still laying ahead. How one wants to spend this time, or can afford to spend it, of course depends on the financial possibilities of each. The flats in the Espenhof West estate are provided for a group of residents that is still vital enough to not have to be looked after, but have limited financial ressources, and thus depend on a low rental price.