Campo Winterthur-Neuhegi

Selective competition, place for culture (collection of the Foundation for Art, Culture and History, SKKG), working and living, 2023

Weyell Zipse with ASSEMBLE, in collaboration with Studio Céline Baumann and Vera Sacchetti


A Collection for Everyone

As a new urban building block, CAMPO complements the developments around Eulachpark in Oberwinterthur. The new neighbor enriches the neighborhood with its diverse programmatic mix of cultural, commercial, work and residential uses, and houses the 80.000 pieces strong collection of the SKKG. The identity of this diverse cultural site is reflected in the urban configuration: The broken up perimeter block with a generous interior courtyard symbolizes both togetherness and openness. A family of buildings is grouped around the depot of the collection  as a topography that can be walked on and experienced.